When it comes to design, craft and engineering, Land Rover is a company steeped in rich heritage. While most global automotive websites are cold, clinical destinations we wanted to add heart.
By telling the stories of genuine owners we touch on the emotional thrill of epic adventure and create an immersive human experience. is designed to emulate the brand’s harmony of style and performance, making it effortless for potential owners to discover their ideal vehicle. Created to deliver a seamless experience on any sized screen, this website is as beautiful and versatile as you’d expect from a Land Rover.

The nature of the collaboration with Land Rover and its other development partners meant that early in the journey the entire team needed to be relocated to the English Midlands. A major upheaval resulted in order to find the design resources for this demanding, strictly-agile project. To create a best-in-class automotive website for this premium brand meant we needed outstanding lead designers with rich experience. Anyone meeting this criteria is spoilt for choice in London and has no need to relocate or undergo a daily two hour commute. 

Kevin Costner said “Build it and they will come”, but how the hell were we supposed to get anyone to come and build it?

My role recruiting for this was one of the toughest challenges in my years at Ogilvy. During the year of this project I had to find and replace designers more than eight times. Thousands of portfolio reviews, interviews and perseverance brought in the best design talent for the job.

The Webby Awards 
Best Visual Design - Function

Nominee 2015

The Lovie Awards 
Best User Experience

Gold 2015

The Lovie Awards 
Best Practices

Silver 2015